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1. Research

The first step in our process is to research the cooler market and collect data on the best backpack and soft sided options. We then purchase any cooler that seems worthy of reviewing and once it arrives we enter the testing phase.

2. real world tests

We run the coolers through an extensive set of tests that replicate real life usage situations. Ice retention, comfort, durability, internal capacity are all put under the microscope during this stage.

3. Review

Then comes time to write the review, we have categorized all factors that we believe play a crucial role in the decision making process. We collate all of our data to allow us to accurately compare every cooler we review.

4. Recommend

The final step in the process and the ultimate goal of this site is to reliably recommend a cooler that fits your personal requirements. Whether you need and everyday cold pack or a heavy duty cooler that retains ice for days at a time.

Our Crucial Categories for Scoring Coolers

Ice Retention

Value for Money


Can Capacity

Real World Performance

Comfort While Carrying


Build Quality



Latest Cooler Reviews


RTIC Backpack Cooler Review

The RTIC 30 can backpack Cooler rivals far more expensive options for a fraction of the price. With extensive ice life, sleek looks and the most comfortable strap system of any pack we have tested to date.

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Tourit Voyager Review

Tourit Voyager Backpack Cooler Review [2023]

The Tourit Voyager backpack Cooler is one of the best looking options on the market. It’s firm sided construction keeps your food and drink cold for up to 2.5 days while providing additional storage in the form of side pockets and a customizable strap system.

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